'Orian is a fresh new singer who is writing intelligent, fun pop.' - Guy Chambers

Fun, sassy, say-what-you-mean-and-mean-what-you-say infectious pop is the sound that Orian is all about. Since relocating to Liverpool, Orian has been busy recording in the studio while simultaneously forming a band of multi-national music makers to perfectly form her sound into an energetic live experience. Extensive performing in Liverpool venues won Orian the opportunity to perform to the likes of Mark Ronson; support UK artists The Other Tribe and Esco Williams; and play SoundCity 2012 and Threshold 2013 festivals. Her first single, ‘Try Hard’, features an uplifting music video shot by talented, young director Mike Brits. Currently planning her next release, due March 2014, Orian is just getting started...       

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